TEAM School has an excellent group of professional educators who are committed not only to teaching their students in their specific subject area, but who are here to see their students achieve academic success! Since the school's founding in 1981, TEAM has sought teachers who are willing to put in the extra time necessary during their lunch hour or after school to help their students reach their goals. All teachers are available for extra help at different times throughout the day.

Teacher-Parent Communication

TEAM School administration and teachers believe that communication needs to take place on a daily basis. Parents, teachers, and students are always up to date with respect to the student’s progress through TEAM School’s 3 branches of communication: the homework book, scheduled teacher phone calls, and ongoing evaluation.

The Homework Book

A school-supplied “homework book” (or student agenda) provides an ongoing dialogue between teacher and parent. The homework for the evening is noted in this book and initialed by the teacher to ensure that the entries are complete. When completed, the student shows his/her parents the homework and the parents initial the book. The following morning, the teacher checks the homework and notes the parental signatures.

“We love how our son comes home from school and does his homework on his own! He is very proud to be this independent!” - TEAM Parent - 

Scheduled Teacher Phone Calls

At TEAM School, teachers follow a schedule of contacting parents by telephone on a bi-weekly (Elementary) or monthly (High School) basis. This contact includes anecdotal comments about the student’s social and academic development as well as the marks and progress achieved in subject areas. These formal contacts are another way in which TEAM School can boast that there are “no surprises” at report card time, as the parents are already aware of their child’s accomplishments. In addition to the monthly phone calls, parents are welcome to call the school at any time to speak to teachers directly.


TEAM School is an academic school that sets high performance standards for its students. There are regular tests, quizzes and projects, and ongoing evaluation by the teachers throughout the year. Examinations are scheduled regularly for students aged 10 and up and each student receives a formal, written progress report three times a year. This report card is not the first time you will learn about your child’s achievements; it is a summary of the progress discussed during the frequent teacher/parent communications throughout the term.

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