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2021-11-05 18:50:40

Tapping & Timekeeping Techniques

Grade 7 students had their drumsticks tapping today in music class today. Currently in their bucket drumming unit, Mr. Mason led the class through some fun activities as students developed their left and right-hand techniques!



2021-11-05 18:51:24

Would You Rather...?

This morning, students in Mrs. Johnston's primary TEAM class took a body break from their reading assessments. The children enjoyed a game of Would you Rather...? as they showed their choices with stretches, hops, and jumps! After the game, is was back to more ...



2021-11-05 18:52:29

Daily Practice Leads To Success!

Repetition and daily practice are important aspects of an individualized reading programme. Every morning, Ms. van Beers practises different elements of the programme with her Primary TEAM students. This morning, she worked with Emma on a a sight word-based reading ...



2022-02-10 18:44:19

Mentor College & TEAM School: Celebrating 40 Years

We are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year by sharing memories and telling our story. We are proud to share with you the first instalment in this series of videos that looks back on Mentor College & TEAM School.
Watch the first instalment of the video!



2022-03-11 19:59:52

Watch 40th Anniversary, Episode 2

We are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year by sharing memories and telling our story. We are happy to share episode 2 with you! In this instalment, we hear about the connections formed between staff and students and the beginning of a school community!



2022-04-14 15:12:21

Anything But A Backpack Day

We love the creativity and spirit our High School students and staff have shown today for Anything But A Backpack Day!



2022-11-09 13:26:31

Student Parliament

TEAM school has completed this year's election cycle and we are excited to post a picture from the very first meeting of the entire council. Students involved in parliament will have the opportunity to put their own stamp on the school year. Mr. Dorey and Ms. Passi ...



2022-11-09 13:27:55

TEAM Food Drive a Huge Success!

The TEAM School Thanksgiving Food Drive concluded today. We are so proud of our TEAM School Student Parliament members for organizing this event and super grateful for our amazing community who helped to make it successful! In addition to the non-perishable items ...



2022-11-09 13:29:33

What makes you calm?

During mindfulness class, the children in Ms. Gerlai's class came up with a list of things to keep them calm: taking a nap, getting a squeezy hug, reading a book, taking a bath, walking, smelling something sweet, or drawing a picture.
A calming activity close to ...



2022-12-01 14:29:36

Growing Crystals

The Grade 4s completed their unit on Rocks by growing beautiful crystals. Students designed their crystal forms into necklaces, animals, Christmas tree ornaments, and they even crystalized a car!



2022-12-07 17:03:56

TIMELESS: 2023 Fashion Show

Entering its 24th year, the Mentor College/TEAM School Fashion Show has contributed to the over $1,000,000 raised by the school for local hospitals and charities. This student-run event brings together students from all divisions of Mentor/TEAM – with the result ...



2023-01-13 15:41:18

Culture Show - February 15: Watch Promo Video!

The Culture Show is back! On Wednesday February 15, students from all divisions of Mentor and TEAM will join together in one of the schools’ largest school-wide events! The double gym at the Main Campus will transformed into a multicultural extravaganza – including ...



2023-03-01 18:08:42

Emergent Leaders Reach Out to Our Community

The Emergent Leaders would like to thank all the students and teachers at TEAM School for participating in our Valentine’s Day initiative. One hundred and sixty handmade cards, along with roses and assorted flowers, were delivered yesterday to the seniors and health ...



2023-06-07 14:23:35

Outdoors Club Heads to High Park

TEAM School‘s outdoors club visited High Park for a year-end scavenger hunt last week. The students used compasses and their wits to problem-solve the course and ultimately came home victorious. It was a fabulous day for a walk in the park. Mr. Dorey and Ms. Chalmers ...



2023-10-11 13:25:45

U14 Girls Soccer in 2nd Place!

The TEAM U14 girls traveled to Paramount Fine Foods Centre in Mississaugua for the PSAA Soccer Championships on Monday. The day was filled with excitement and and energy. After a tie in the first game and a loss in the second, the girls caught fire and moved on to ...



2023-10-11 13:26:17

Tigers Take U14 Open Soccer Championship!

On Tuesday, the U14 Open soccer team from TEAM School travelled to Paramount Fine Foods Centre to play in their annual tournament. The day started off with a 3-0 win, with Baba, Jaiden, and Cole each scoring a goal. The Tigers carried that momentum through the rest ...



2023-11-28 18:15:39

Volley Girls Impress At Mentor Invitational

Last week, the U12 girls took on their opponents at the Mentor Volleyball Invitational tournament and had a GREAT day. The team ended up getting a total of 33 serves over the net with Gabbi, Isla, Charlotte, Elizabeth, and Nyla hitting their most powerful serves of ...



2023-12-06 14:52:12

TEAM School Leaders Support Seniors

Members of the Emergent Leaders Club are hard at work preparing gift bags for their friends at Copernicus Lodge - a senior home in Toronto. Thanks to the generosity of the TEAM community, 80-plus bags will soon be on their way to Copernicus Lodge as part of Santa for ...



2024-03-04 15:53:21

Grade 4s Enjoy Medieval Feast!

Mentor and TEAM Grade 4 students have been waiting in anticipation for today's annual Medieval Feast! As part of the ancient civilizations unit in social studies, students take on and dress up as various roles from this period in history. A great Mentor/TEAM ...


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