Grades 1-8

Students benefit from the very structured programme at TEAM School, where explicit instructions and predictability provide the setting for academic progress. Specific instructional programmes presented at the student’s current level of achievement allow for success in school work. Academic success often means an increase in self-confidence and this lends itself to a more positive approach in challenging areas of study. Increased self-esteem provides the incentive to join clubs, sports, and activities. Students become involved in school life and take pride in the TEAM School community.

At TEAM School, each student has an individualized programme for all subject areas. This small and supportive setting allows the student to accomplish work at his or her current level of success and to move on to challenging work at the next level. Small group instruction in core subject areas is given to upgrade the student’s skills.

Grade level science and social studies instruction is provided to the entire group of students in the classroom. Students learn and practise strategies as they upgrade their skills to best prepare for future academic success.

Direct Instruction (DI) is a teaching method used at TEAM School in Grades 1 to 8. Direct instruction is the use of straightforward, explicit teaching techniques, usually to teach a specific skill. It is a teacher-directed method, meaning that the teacher stands in front of a classroom or sits with a small group of students and presents the information. By grouping students based on ability, using explicit systematic instruction, and carrying out frequent curriculum-based assessment, the teacher is able to guide the students towards academic success.

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