TEAM Programmes

TEAM School offers two distinct academic programmes: The TEAM Programme and The TEAM Preparatory (Prep) Programme.

The TEAM Programme (up to 9 students)

Now in its forty-second year of operation, TEAM School offers an individualized academic programme for students who benefit from the additional support that can be provided in a small class setting. Teachers utilize Direct Instruction strategies and programmes in core subject areas to build skill mastery. The TEAM Programme provides an excellent academic upgrading programme where fundamental skills are consolidated in a class of up to 9 students.

The TEAM Preparatory (Prep) Programme (up to 5 students)

The TEAM Preparatory (Prep) programme provides further support through a smaller class size and individualized programme. Students work toward skill acquisition with emphasis on the integration of personal skills and work habits for individual success and a greater level of independence. Students are grouped by division (Primary, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior) up to the Grade 8 level, in classes of up to 5 students organized using the TEAM model with team-teaching of two classes in the classroom. The TEAM Prep programme prepares students for continuation to the next level of the programme or for transition into the TEAM programme, and for success in a larger class setting.

Teacher-to-parent communication through regular telephone calls, homework books, and the online platform Edsby are an integral component of TEAM School’s work with our students and parents in reporting student progress and ensuring student success.

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